Nov 242009

Two of my paintings from the 51 Degrees collection are appearing as lots in an auction in the south of France, this Saturday.

There’s some amazing work in the auction, you’ll have to see for yourself, links below:

I have to say that this online catalogue is the best i’ve ever seen…

PDF Catalogue :
List of the work :

The pieces are on aluminium roadsigns, finished and riveted by myself. They both have Krink ink on top of aerosol paint. The priming of the aluminium was the most involved I’ve ever been with paintings, part of the process of scaling the work down. The collection’s theme was viewpoints (hence, the cube) and every one of the twelve paintings in the collection had different areas of the metal sanded, primed with aerosol and stickers and lacquer too.

For more information about the collection, see the other entries on this blog.

LECLERE- Maison de ventes
5 St Vincent Courdouan 13006 Marseille

Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 19:00


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