Feb 032009

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When I created these back in 1996, I had swapped some development time for a games company in Halesowen, for a handbuilt Pentium running at 90Mhz with 128 MB Ram. I also had my bic biro.

I had developed an overdrawing technique, used on other artworks at the time. I would output the CGI model as a final coloured render, with lighting and camera viewpoints etc, just like a little digital diorama. I would then emblazon a hand drawn tattoo over this rendition, giving the hard-edged model a much needed human element. I lost most of the data along with others (there may be hope if i can track down an ATA IDE caddy).

I have managed to secure all but one of the uncut a4 sheets, I have however located a full set of 12 individual flyers, sealed in a clear acrylic wall mount. This set has been pain-stakingly cared for by my good friend Chase Rockwell and is presented in the UltraLounge in the basement of Selfridges on Oxford Street, central London.

It will be part of a collection curated with help from Ernesto Leal who I met through Athletico and Arthrob during these very busy years making flyers. I have also painted all of the three vehicles onto canvas as part of the auction collection (coming soon on this website, with some video!)

The collection is open for the public from February 13th 2009, ending in the auction on February 26th.
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