Jul 082009

I’ve been so busy painting and organising other work that I haven’t uploaded anything on here. To remedy that I present another collaborative mural, painted early June with my good friends Xenz and Busk. I got a call that they were taking out a wall near Hackney Wick and in a drunken haze after their first day they asked told me to appear on the wall. I was due to go camp at Pilton for working on the skateramp at Glastonbury in a few days, as well as organise something for the central London (watch this space) so I had a lot on my plate, small cutlery and the kitchen was closed til tomorrow…

“Its all about painting” I remember thinking.

So, playing catch up, I dragged me paint over to the wall and when I got there most of it had been done, just afew details remaining. The weather was cracking, no slips, no trips, no falls. I seem to remember painting until the very brink of dusk, then returning for the final days painting.

I had a vision of painting something resembling a time-bomb, but only in a way that the unlearned would decipher a bundle of wires and devices. I also worked in a mix-desk, which turned out quite nice, and some danger tape coming out of the cassette. Of course the title came from what I was thinking about the whole wall, and what would be the name of the compilation, the writing on the cassette… cheers Rakim/M.A.R.R.S..

One more large-scale, improvised, external installation by les paysagistes.

When you stand at the wall, the whole virtual landscape wraps around you, and because the nearside objects (mine) are oversize, and the far objects are minute, the sense of placing the viewer WITHIN the work was shocking, even from a distance. The leaning telegraph poles and the large white goods, transformed into an audio mound.

The well-tuned amongst you may recognise an old logo of mine used as an object…