Aug 012009

Across 110th Street, miniature canvas by Chu - 12inch x 12 inch

A detail of one of the miniature series, ‘Across 110th Street’.

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Detail of ‘One Man Banned’ – 12 inch miniature

Up on the Roof – 12 inch miniature

Across 110th Street – 12 inch miniature

The two beneath are the beginning of a style, working with the concept of audio connecting leads. Everything still needs connecting, no matter how portable the original device is, there is always a need to charge it or connect it to another device.

Leads – One, 12 inch

Leads Two – 10 inch

Aswell as the original material above, I’ll also be selling my edition of Supersonic screenprints and my short run of roadsigns I made for the 51 degrees exhibition.

Hopefully going to link up a few walls over there too. Anybody who is over there already, or can make it over for the launch of Urban in Ibiza on the 12th of August, will be able to see me rock some styles alongside Inkie, at a very swanky party indeed. Check out the calendar for more details.