May 252009

This piece depicts an embryonic human form wearing headphones, reclining inside a cityscape as if it were the womb.

I am happy with the figure and its ‘glow’. It’s also the first time I used pens on a canvas and since working with Mau Mau, the first time I formed shapes and form with brushes.

Since the 51 Degrees show and more recently the Dreweatts Urban Art auction, I have seen less need to work on such a large scale for portable works. Anything produced under 1 or 2 metres would be considered a miniature, compared to my origins in aerosol, painting large murals. There was lots of interest in my miniatures yet somehow I can’t help feeling that something may be missing when my work is scaled down. In fact it turns out that the opposite is true, and other media, used in conjunction with aerosol (as discovered by countless artists) will increase the appeal of the work. Ultimately a miniature will be far more suitable to small dwellings and restrictive wallspace, larger pieces will always appeal to me as they reveal qualities in the aerosol mixtures that miniatures cannot.

For these reasons this will be considered the last in a line of large pieces, until the tide turns and we all become Members of Parliament with wallspace to match.

You can see this piece alongside other great work by visiting Line Steppers group show in Birmingham, open until 31st May.