Jun 092009

The little promotional stickers that advertised 51 Degrees, the solo show back in April, had a website on the reverse pointing to www.schudio.co.uk/51. Visitors to this page would have seen a few different panoramas during the show, but at the moment its the final rendition of the Cubic Experiment.

After my group show, Jibbering Art moved the cube outisde. I had to recreate the floor and the ceiling, this gave me a chance to fill up the design a bit more, going for almost complete coverage. The floor was a large piece of reverse lino that took to the Edding pens really well, and was ably laid down by Big Chris and Jon from Jibbering.

Line Steppers /

Other details were added to the upper walls and some of the ‘rear’ wall, opposite the slogan.

Line Steppers / Christy

The final effect was more than satisfactory and it continued to conceal a few secrets of its own.

See the final cube in its own FULL PAGE window, no need to download anything to see it, all you need is Flash installed (which most browsers have nowadays, if not then go here.)