Jan 152011

The ‘All New Hippo Show’ video on VHS. I began to digitise my tapes and simply could not forget this little beauty…

It documents the beginnings of Walsall Youth Arts, who I ended up working for during the start of my painting career. Goldie and Desire were the two local writers who were helping us through the transition from being mindless to being mindful in 1988. We secured funding to paint the sunken playground, affectionately known as the Paddock. It was one of those foundations for a block they forgot to build.

Goldie and Desire had painted there several times before hand, we selected it as a perfect compliment to the growing issue of lack of provision for graffiti artists. Jon Nation at Barton Hill and Juice at Selly Oak were the two national partners in this campaign.

DEZ all over

It brings back loads of good memories, and an awful reminder of haircuts

Anyway, on with the video. (Apologies for the lack of the last half of the video, there was no sound recorded, so I excluded)