Aug 122011
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An overnight paint session features in this little video of the illusion I painted in Manchester…

Whilst painting the ‘Everything Everywhere’ illusion in Altrincham (Manchester, UK), I managed to grab a timelapse with the help of Keef. We set up a tripod at the very start, this spot had been defined way before, for the illusion to work. The video shows some close up work on the floor, so you can see it was not exactly flat! Its all shot on stills and it all happens a bit quickly. Really looking forward to painting my next illusion…

Keef also helped me sort out the floor priming too, it took ages to dry so we started a little late. The trick is, to paint the latex very thin, so it dries in the fastest time (take note Dan!).

The video shows the day beginning, after working the whole night through, nice to see the light changing (similar to the Ninja Tune XX video). Sounds by N4T4. Security by Little Brother.

The video