Nov 232012

Here is a piece that I really enjoyed making, just me drawing and layering several time lapse sequences together. Its an extension of the work I did with the 50 metre wide Supersonic Watercolours water feature. This was my graffiti but there would be no single trace of the artwork produced, as part of the process would be erasing it. You can see a similar effect on some of my videos, for the titling. I write the title, then wipe it out from view.

This is the same technique but in thousands of colours, applied to a venue that is making a name for itself, allowing vivid colours to be painted on a large scale to their indoor wall space, the Swiss Embassy in London. This had to be carried out in a public section of the incredible building, so I proposed projecting onto a large wall a short animated sequence that would be shown at an oblique angle so as not to be obscured by the presence of people in the room.