Jun 142013

As if I haven’t got enough on my plate…

Fiji Water approached me to create a curious item for an event with the Stolen Supper Club in London recently. The final approach was a concept I had developed for quite a while and this seemed a perfect response to the brief. Each of the guests could also take the plate away with them that they had previously eaten off.

If you haven’t worked it out already – the cracks resemble the road plan of London and the Thames, the principal waterway for that city.

I meticulously referenced several different roadmaps to ensure geographical consistency, extra effort was made to attribute the Thames itself, and that the M25 had the necessary spine links. The roads would thin as they travelled away from my ‘impact point’ towards the mouth of the Thames, mimicking the effect of dropping off the back of a lorry – or (ahem) stolen.

Nobody gets to know the venue or the food before the event happens, so I made an invitation with a brief animation in order to give a small clue. A sequence of a spherical moon cracks before your eyes as if it’s dropped on the floor, into the shards creating the roadmap.


Supper Club

Fiji Water

by Chu