Sep 162013
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Created a pre-photographic interior shoot for a recently opened bar.
This process I am calling ‘Rapid Architectural Visualisation’, quite a mouthful. This was used for the first press release to show how the venue would look before it was fitted out, an artist’s impression if you like.

My image had to evoke the theme of adventure flowing through the décor, in an interior that used to be a local pub, full of postmen after their shift. Sketchup proved invaluable creating the interior to scale, the final image was composed of interior designs and measurements from floorplans provided by Michaela at Kai Interior Design & Consultancy, and photographs of ephemera and the work progressing on site. The colours were matched to their swatches and the scene was shaded according to the lights used in the build. Click here to view the 360° panorama in an overlay (Other panoramas I have made of my work can be seen here)

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If you’re able to visit Islington, it’s well worth seeing the place for yourself, its really well furnished, drinks are delicious, staff are respectful and the ambience has to be experienced to be believed.

153 Upper Street – London N1 1RA