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Your Mum Rang, Sodtherich, Pikea by Chu at Meeting of Styles 2014 - Shoreditch, east London

I have to be honest – had my eye on this wall for years the old Shoreditch station off Brick Lane.

End of the Line asked me to contribute to this years massive Meeting of Styles graffiti jam in my old stomping ground. As I’m being (sort of) honest, I’m not one of those writers that marks territory like a stray dog but I have been known to succumb to the joys of developing adhesive propaganda. This was the area that gave birth to the concept of my ‘Your Mum Rang’ campaign some 15 years ago now.


I selected to paint the wall with a huge plane distortion technique, first practised in Amsterdam, in honour of Escher and a voyage into mathematical bliss for me. So, the technique was defined – now the subject matter – something that didn’t require too much thinking…

I selected three of my more disparate pieces of adhesive propaganda, Your Mum Rang plus recent pieces – Pikea (born of my discomfort with the famed Swedish furniture experience) and Sodtherich (anagram of Shoreditch within the London Overground roundel). I re-imagined the stickers/labels onto the faceted walls, to be viewed best on one of my ‘sweet spots’ which was some distance away at the end of the fence nearest the wall. Lately I’ve chosen not to mark the spot, leaving it down to the viewer to discover it, and hopefully feel some reward.

This dual image shows the distortion from another perspective

This dual image shows the distortion from another perspective

Throughout the three days spent near the walls, the streets were full of residents, revellers, observers, artists’ friends and family – Hats off to everyone involved, quite the spectacle. Many thanks and tipped forlock to Andy Cox, Tamara, Jim, Mati, Barnakus, Sarah, Odysie, Inkfet, , Gent, Soker, Vibes, Tizer, Elph, Traffic, Lovepusher, Dep, Brave, Joe, Cosmo, The Lost Souls and the great Crimea.

The accident I had whilst carrying the yellow primer was witnessed unfortunately.

Top props to The Rolling People for my favourite wall in the whole jam, especially Aeon’s basketball-playing mullet fill – you have to see it in the flesh to believe it.

360° panorama gallery

There were so much good times and unique moments, I chose to commemorate the occasion with my first (prototype) 360° gallery. There’s 11 images in all, starting with the painting itself. Take a look at the full screen version if you are viewing on a mobile.

After you click on the image below, you can drag the view around by clicking and dragging, or use your fingers (or the gyroscope if it’s enabled on your tablet or mobile).
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CLOSE the panorama by clicking on the background or the button.

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