Mar 192015
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Pridstock artwork, final in colour

This was developed for the Pridstock3 festival website. This was for the third in a series of Pridstocks, the annual birthday party in Kent celebrating the life of my long-time friend Jon Priddey. The event is proposed to occur at the start of August, the choicest weekend slice of summer.The artwork is entirely produced in a full, 360 degree panoramic canvas.


Here’s a few of the ideas as they developed. This hand-drawn, economical technique develops the artwork in full 360 degrees, producing an infinite amount of renderings from different standpoints, different lighting etc.

It all began with a tent. Sort of based on an experience camping with the family – made by Lichfield.

Pridstock artwork - preliminary sketch

The aim was to produce a virtual tour, with an added DJ soundtrack for the visitor and exploratory ‘world’. The advantages of making virtual theatrical scenery is that you can change the camera angle fairly instantly to produce another image, without drawing it completely again (that’s fine until you encounter flat objects in the render – my limitation with working in an obsolete version of Sketchup, roll on Blender…).

A pinch of Paddington Bear and a spoonful of Magic Roundabout, sieved through a Trap Door.

Pridstock artwork, landscape test

Pridstock artwork, landscape test - detail

Pridstock artwork, before adding colour

Pridstock artwork detail

Pridstock artwork, digital flyer concept

Final Panorama

You can drag the view around by clicking and dragging the left mouse button, the gyroscope allows you to tilt the view around you on a mobile such as iPhone.

Mobile – Zoom in & out by pinching
PC – Zoom with CTRL/SHIFT or mouse-wheel
MAC – Zoom with Command/SHIFT or mouse-wheel


The idea was to recreate something that developed the make-believe location for the previous artworks. The story began with a speaker built into a tent, in the heat of the english sun, which then turned into a mammoth Pridinator sunbathing. This speaker system is based on the Boominator MINI (site down at the mo), a portable, 12v, open-source, solar-powered amplifier – any audio enthusiasts have to see this project, some massive electrics company reputedly offered the developer millions for the concept and he refused to sell out.

I added the Oyster card to underline the synonymous DFLs (Down From Londons) with the local marine ‘trade’.

PRIDSTOCK design by Chu

Pridstock 2013 artwork by Chu