What is schudio? Its a word game with the word ‘studio’ and is spelt to contain my pseudonym – ‘Chu‘. This name derives from my 34 years experience as a graffiti artist, and being a video game addict.

This site chronicles my work in the fields of aerosol painting,drawing , outdoor murals, installations, print and product designs in an archival format, so you can search and view all items corresponding with Bristol, Walsall or even Aerosol. I built the site myself so I can keep it up to date on a regular basis and try to keep it as comfortable to view as possible (plus I’m a bit of a geek).

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2024 will mark 28 years of trading as a freelance event organiser and designer.

I can help others with their own campaigns in print, on screen and various other methods of propaganda, aswell as creating my own, multi-disciplined artwork and photography.

I can offer advice, planning, print consultancy, training, characatures, artist impressions, editorial illustration, magazine spreads, graphic design, product design, interior design, outdoor signs and mural, clothing and apparel printing, adhesive promotions, poster and flyer design, corporate identities, 3D modelling, video and animation, photography, direction and an honest, sincere approach to all workloads.

This has all been helped by aerosol paint.

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