Oct 052009

Well, the painting is going as planned – up the 20 foot of scaffolding (7 metres). Have to work in the evening so the scaff can be released to the lighting guys and other painters. It isn’t so bad going through the night, very calm. The hum of the tube dies around 1am, but the westway always trundles overhead. Quite a unique experience.

I have since found out that not only is the venue hailed as the birthplace of UK graffiti, but also the birthplace of the Mutoid Waste Company. Chatted into the wee hours with Jo Rush, captain of the Mutoids, recounting tales of Ladbroke Grove, teddy boys, 1956, and Muggers Alley (the local name for the no-mans land between Acklam Road and Portobello Road during the 70’s).

I witnessed the hugeness of ‘Ruby Baby’, one of Jo’s more adventurous creations. The same vehicle was responsible for taking Emily Eavis to her wedding. Below is probably the darkest 360 I’ve created – took quite a while cos I shot it at ISO 1600, very noisy.