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Jun 172013
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This is the third in my series of distorting the plane.
They’re getting bigger and a little more challenging to create. My first experiment with this mathematical eye-candy was the De Buurvrouw in Amsterdam, my second in Bristol at See No Evil.

I cannot remember having the fortune to work this well with any photographer (obviously my mucker Meek is an exception). As soon as we got there, the location of the tripod and camera was paramount, so that was sorted first by Wallkandy. Kindly – Meek had provided the ladders so this automatically enabled the height of these massive walls.

And just in case you were wondering – I realise that my lines aren’t parallel, scientifically perfect or even straight. I’m making these distortions with just my eyes and the paint, so there’s no projectors, no string, no protractors or mirrors. I painted this is the same vicinity of three of my good friends, Xenz (who created a distorted, floating cityscape nearby through the bushes – check the 360 degree panorama below), Meek & Fluid from the midlands painted in the comfort of another annex to this rather over-explored location.

The personal advances I made this time was the inclusion (or ignorance) of the floor detritus and the keen rotation of the whole grid. Covering the detritus with the corresponding chequer tone enforced the illusion, creating a transparent layer grid similar to a layer’s default background in Adobe Photoshop. The whole process took just under six hours, and I already forgot where it’s painted too…

No devices were harmed in the making of this anamorphic projection.

360° panorama


To be absolutely honest, I delayed publishing this item until the anniversary of M. C. Escher’s birthday. He would’ve been 115 today.