Aug 252008

Walsall copperworks painting in aerosol by Chu

Whilst in the midlands I had to drop something with me muckers.

Plenty of activity on this site for some time now, maybe 2 or even 3 summers have seen writers from all over the UK to the motherland. The entrance is well discreet and still bothers nobody. We carried on painting whilst some collectors were emptying the land of a once massive factory. There was one that we met that insisted he had over £750 worth of copper from the ground here.

We only had a small ammount of emulsion, and Energ went a little berserk on his, leavin me to wash down the rest with some pop that we had brought along. It worked great, extending the fadeworks for my wires to the right.

Meek had totally solidifies his presence in the wall, forming some nice shapes for Energ to work in to.

I had drawn a city scape depicted by my moniker (CHU) some time ago (around the time of Notting Hill Carnival a few years back, watch the archives for the photographs – or subscribe). This piece explores the same idea, that the landscape, machines, buildings and human impactive evidence on surface earth can be positioned to appear like letters. I know its been ‘done before’ but the development of hyper-universes in my work lends itself to altering the camera view to accomodate a letter piece

(aint that what graffiti’s all about ?)

More cometh since this dropeth