Nov 272009

A sneak preview of the new sketch that I’m making into a print right now, as a very nice giclée edition. Its the first time I’ve reverse engineered a sketch to this degree of exactness. The sketch has been cleaned up a little bit from the biro sketch, then each component, or layer has been isolated. Best way to understand it is to picture a very complex paper-cut theatre, on 60 pieces of paper.

Check the print in the flesh at the Flying Eyeball Pop-up Shop, opening 8th December in Mayfair, central London. There’ll be a pair of glasses to view them with.

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This design is also being submitted for publication soon, check the feed or subscribe to find out when.

Drop me a line if you’d like to get your hands on one.

Anybody who knows my work for the past ten years or so would know I dabble with anaglyphic stereoscopy, or 3D paintings. It occured to me when I was at Urban Games 1999, in Clapham Common, south London. During the same games we witnessed, at very close proximity, two freak weather conditions: a tornado and a bolt of lightning, both no more than 10 feet away. The tornado effortlessly swiped most of our sketches and paraphernalia, and neatly deposited it a few 100 yards away, the other side of the compound.

This first prototype 3D painting, suffered one anomally, viewing technique breaks the normal convention of ‘red on the left’. For the piece below to work, the red lens must be on the RIGHT.