Jan 072009

I am proud to inform you that some of my work is going to be put on show for auction this February. There will be two in fact, one celebrating artwork from the club scene over the past 20 years, and another celebrating urban art. There will even be a limited edition print released from one of my previous, infamous masthead designs for the first Supersonic music festival, held in Birmingham.

I have recreated an equally infamous flyer series that I designed in 1996, along with tracking down PERFECT copies of the whole set too, which will also be in the show.

On February 26th 2008 there will be two concurrent auctions. The first of which, Artcore will be held underneath Selfridges on Oxford Street, central London.

ArtCore, a joint venture between Dreweatts and Our Cultural History, is a visual documentation of Acid house and the rave movement, celebrating the visual side of 20 years of dance culture featuring artwork from the most iconic clubs and raves of that period. These will include The End Club, Hacienda, Spectrum, Beyond Therapy, Raindance, Tribal Gathering, Circus Warp, Trade, DIY, Back To Basics, Sign Of The Times and many more. It will also feature work re-done on canvas, paper and metal by the original artists and designers all of which will be sold at auction on 26th February 2009.

In addition to the works being auctioned, the following limited edition items are available to purchase exclusively from Selfridges:

Our Cultural History book (£150 – print run 100)
ArtCore print by artist Chu (£150 – print run 50)

To reserve a copy of either, please email artcore@dnfa.com or call: + 44 (0) 203 291 2832.

On the same day, there is another auction, of Urban Art

The Urban Art collection contains works by the leading national and international street artists of today, such as, Banksy, Nick Walker, Adam Neate, Faile, Antony Micallef, Guy Denning, Bast, Seen, Aiko, Matt Small, D*Face, Doze Green, alongside several artists who will be creating work primarily for the sale, such as Goldie, Ame 72, CBloxx, Inkie, Dan, Mau Mau, Eelus, K-Guy, Rowdy, Flx, Silent Hobo, David Walker, Pinky, Ryca, Jim Starr, SPQR, Motorboy, Kev Munday and joined by auction virgins, Chu, Partism, Pam Glew, Faith 47, Klit, TRXTR, Byroglyphics and Grafter.