Feb 092009

Art Core will celebrate the club artwork of the last twenty years, many of the original artists have been asked to recreate their work too. I chose to paint the Fungle Junk vehicles in aerosol, as a triptych. The original flyer designs were 12 flyers spread over three vehicles (4 parts each). The canvasses measure 91.5cm x 122cm, quite a challenge for the ammount of detail and lighting pattern on the original.

Many of the designs that I made flyers from had artworks or photographic images in the background, or illustration that I would custom create for the flyer itself, or use something from the archive. I’ll be getting round to those when I retrieve a lot of old work from Floppies, Zip disks, Negatives and VHS.

During painting, I am making a stringent effort to photograph the painting as a stop-frame, remembering to take a photo every half hour or so, depending on the technique. This is clearly best illustrated by way of a video.

The Art Core show runs from Friday 13th February, culminating in an auction on the 26th February. You will need to register to both attend and/or bid in the auction, more details on the Dreweatts Auction Pages.

There is also an online calendar to see any shows’ dates that my work is appearing within.