Feb 112010

If you didn’t already know, I’m in the Birmingham squad for the Euroleague season of Secret Wars. Our team held a showcase at the fantastic Green Street warehouse in the heart of Digbeth, Brum (detailed images & a 360 below).

We all met up there and chatted for about an hour before we soaked our nibs with black ink. The wall was a massive 24 foot long and there were six of us to fill it in 90 minutes. We decided that our theme was going to be a ‘war room’, plotting our trip across Europe.

Our next (real) battle is against Lisbon on 26th February, so come along and lend us your support if you can make it to the Rainbow Pub on Digbeth High Street, Birmingham.

Click and drag around with the mouse to look around, use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out (alternatively use the arrow keys and the CTRL/SHIFT for zoom). You can also ‘Go Full Screen’ with the video by right clicking.