Jan 222010

Some of you may remember the cube I made, from last year. Version 1.2 is being built in a few weeks time.

In Birmingham.

This new cube will have a 3D interior, that you view through a pair of 3D glasses, as part of the Tiger Beer Lucky 8 campaign to celebrate Chinese New Year. The number 8 is considered to be a lucky charm in China, and the cube has 8 corners.

As you stand on the Sweet Spot within the cube and wear the glasses, the corners and joins will vanish out of sight, creating an illusion never witnessed before. Its the accumulation of a few techniques that I’ve been working with for some years and it was the next logical progression for my Cubic experiments. Recently an edition of only 33 prints of my new sketch ‘Cover Your Tracks’ was released in 3D too.

3D CUBE v1.2

Launch 15th February 2010 and showing for only 1 week at:

Boxxed, 104-105 Floodgate Street, Digbeth Birmingham B5 5SR.

(vistors to the 51 Degrees exhibition or the Line Steppers group show will be comforted to know its the same venue!)

(3D glasses supplied)

The image below is the interior of the CHUBE v1.1. Click and drag around with the mouse to look around, use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out (alternatively use the arrow keys and the CTRL/SHIFT for zoom). You can also ‘Go Full Screen’ with the video by right clicking.