May 062009

Painted a huge version of the new logo in Birmingham, next to Energ.

I used a technique involving a measuring tape, a spare finger (thanks Rach!) and the cunning apparatus known as a ladder to achieve the circular edges.

When I finished the sketching I wandered away, down past the Wagon & Horses, the ‘walk of shame’ or the hundred yard stare. A journey sometimes fraught with bewilderment and fear, but mostly gauging the impacts of the proposed piece. It was only when I had finished and crossed the road directly opposite the wall, perpendicular to it, that I was looking at a huge obstacle. This usually makes me think ‘How am I gonna get rid of this in the working, final photograph?’. I was referring to the lamppost, so I promptly deleted the lamppost with paint.

Thanks to Laura & Jim & Rachel & Newso & Cryse

Before I forget, I did check whether it was lampost or lamppost.