Feb 102012

This artwork was painted for the (incomplete) tribute to Escher series back in 2008, and was later displayed at the 51 Degrees show in Birmingham. More info on the canvas HERE – or the competition (now ended) by looking HERE.

Recently, on the website I designed for Edding, visitors could enter a competition to win one of 200 limited edition screen prints designed by four selected artists from the art series contributors. Each design used the same 3 colours (light grey, pink & deep grape OR Pantone uncoated 429, 244 & 222) and measures 210mm x 300mm. Mine was the only design that ran landscape, the other three artists settled for portrait.

The printers had a challenge to print my halftones, for those technically intrigued, caused by the frequency and fact that each of the three colours in my artwork was overprinting each other. This gives the impression that there are more than simply three colours in the finished print. My inks were prepared slightly different to the other stock/flat method; they were produced with a transparency.

The edition prizes were limited to 50 signed / numbered which are giveaways, with 3 artist proofs.

I’m pleased to be able to offer you the oppurtunity to own one of the artist proofs from my NEW online shop