Jan 232015
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DANAD Gallery, Hertford - virtual tour designed by Chu
The DANAD Gallery 360º virtual tour that I built is now online – designed specifically for smart phones and other portable devices.

This is how the site appears on an iPhone 5S

This is how the site appears on an iPhone 5S

I took panoramic photos of the space at various positions inside the building. The photographs were retouched and colour graded slightly, in order to improve legibility across multiple scenarios. Visitors to the site have a considerable amount of freedom to walk around the exhibition at their leisure.

Virtual tour preview

Below is a preview of the full tour, I urge you to visit the fullscreen DANAD Gallery virtual tour.
You can drag the view around by clicking and dragging with the left mouse button, the gyroscope allows you to tilt the view on a mobile such as iPhone.

Mobile – Zoom by pinching

Zoom with CTRL/SHIFT or mouse wheel