Sep 202006

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This production initially began as a contribution to the towns’ summer time street celebrations. Chu was informed that Walsall (his home town) had advertised for local artists to contact the Events Team, which he promptly did. It soon became apparent that the years ‘Illuminations’ needed a main feature (alongside LM Productions’ Stratosphere).

That was how the work was commissioned. Chu approached a long time friend in Matt (from Beat13) to assist with the final production. They had previously worked together on the Gorillaz first DVD, Phase One:Celebrity Take Down – Chu had made the beds in the Kong Studios and left a few stickers for the band to stick up.

Filming the Watercolours One of the watercolours Matt pushing pixels

From the initial stages it was apparent that the work had to work with vivid colours, the short film was going to be projected, in the dark, onto a giant water spray-screen. We were also given the option to license a piece of music to accompany the film. We opted to create the piece ourself, from royalty free sounds. Throughout the development, inspiration came from, amongst others, Ken Nordines album ‘Colors’. The name caused some perspiration, you can see the sketches and rough ideas from the images above.