12 Days of Xmas

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Dec 052008

Planning something nice for this years show in Stokes Croft, Brizzle. Couldn’t make the book launch for Children of the Can (boo) so I’m making up for it by ‘installing’ a new piece of largeness


Opening night: Friday 12th December, 7pm-10pm
Then open: everyday 12pm-7pm from Saturday 13th – 23rd December 2008
(if you do the maths this gives the 12 days!)
15 -19 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3PY, UK (see venue page for more details).

As with last year, we’ve just asked a group of artists who’s work we love to take part. Show their work away from the art establishment clichés – i.e. away from sterile white walled galleries, away from tiny shows in bars and cafes and away from champagne fuelled opening nights that only those in the ‘know’ get invited to. At the moment we have over 60 artists, so there will be a massive range of work on show (and on sale!).