Nov 142009

The concept

Maybe its because of merging technologies, maybe its the age-old phenomenon of printing from art originals, or maybe its the nature of the social commentary with a marker pen…

You may argue that its because of the time of year, but over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about making some greeting cards. I went through the usual, pictoral, visual pun, seasonal and message ideas. It came to me after I had remembered a design pledge that would seek lyrical, slogan based artworks. Almost like Your Mum Rang, written in pen and making the most of one of my more enjoyable tasks, the lyric.

The title of this collection, Names in Vain, comes from a variation of one of the ten commandments. There were quite a few to choose from, phrases which are used everyday, without much thought, that include some religious reference. They’re good enough to use throughout the year, not just seasonal holidays.

The packaging

Whether you are celebrating the message, or simply enjoying them, they are great to put up alongside the other cards you receive. Each A6 (105mm x 148mm) sized card is printed on 350gcm bright white card and sealed in a clear bag containing a white 100gcm C6 envelope fit for the card, ready to write on and give.

The hard sell

They are now available in the new online shop in packs of 4 of each colour, or a pack of 12 with all variations. For a limited time, there is FREE POSTAGE offered on all orders placed to the value of £100 or more [VISIT SHOP].