Sep 052012

Its not very often that I release my designs on clothing, and not very often a piece goes from my graffiti to stickers to prints to clothing. Sodtherich is the exception however… THTC are the company sharing the vision. Its been printed on 100% carbon neutral cotton and available in sizes from Small to XXL, on grey or white.

There’s a few examples through history, I released a few in the late 90s on Numb clothing & even earlier on Moves clothing. More recently I made a ‘Born in Walsall‘ design that proved a local winner in my hometown.

To the untrained eye the design looks like it says Shoreditch, an area of east London impacted by police cordons, graffiti exhibitions, trustafarians, bagels, second-hand goods and several transport networks. I first used it on a wall on Holywell Lane, high enough to be seen by the newly launched East London line, on the day of the general elections too, a few years ago. The piece was the first I ever had censored, read more here


Teamed up with Souled Out Studios (see if there’s any left) to make an edition (only £35) a year ago.

Gotta say – its one of the special phrases that I’ve penned, next to ‘Your Mum Rang’. Still turns an eye.

Head over to the great online shop at The Hemp Trading Company: