Jun 152010

Collaboration with some of the artists in the Secret Wars Euroleague teams from the UK.

This piece is the only painting that I have had censored. Ever.

The East London Line has just opened that travels immediately in front of the wall, between Shoreditch High Street and Haggerston stops. The Caitlin Art Group are art insurers that had organised a prize giving at the brilliant Village Underground space. The most baffling thing is why they chose to only partially paint out the entire wall, with their off-white, regatta inspired branding. Seems that the phrase Sod The Rich offended somebody. Now, was it somebody involved with the venue, the client, or Big Brother himself?

It was painted just the day before the general election and now it seems more fitting WITH the censorship. As far as i know its still there, and the black paint they had used to censor the text out has washed off slightly.

Featuring work by Newso, Agent, Philth, Discoteck, Alfa, Ewen, and a few more.

Poor Stika had some scaffolding fall on his hand (smashed his bones too) so he was out of action.

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