Nov 122010

What can I say?

We (the Brum 6) beat London on their turf. Our squad was made up of myself, Agent and Just Glen. We had very little preparation for the night, Agent was arriving very late, 45 minutes before the battle and there was little space left in the Village Underground when we got there. More pictures (and a beautiful video) after the jump…

First line I drew (before commencing on the wall) was one on the floor, between us and London. Then a random arrangement of lines and shading slowly filled our wall as we got to grips with the vibe we spoke about before we even began.

The lyric was ‘Jack the Rip-off’ instead of ‘Jack the Ripper’, featuring a malevolent shadowy figure, shanking harmless toys to get the money out of them…

The votes went: BRUM – BRUM – BRUM (crowd vote 0.1 decibel ahead of LDN) – LDN – LDN. Watch the video below (from the lovely, gifted Martyn) that was totally crafted from stills on the night. It uses the same tune as my video for the timelapse of the 3D Cube

Apparently we smashed it, and re-invented Secret Wars. Roll on the final between us and Amsterdam (they beat Lisbon on the same night).

SATURDAY January 15th


Village Underground – 6 artists on each team, on a massive wall.