Dec 092010
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It aint all about ‘Your Mum Rang’ or 3D glasses…

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Actually, it’s one third about 3D glasses.

For a few months in 2005 I produced some DPS (double page spread) illustration for Computer Arts magazine here in the UK. This particular ‘set of 3’ were mostly drawn and recoloured, mostly including some sense of a dynamic background, keeping the line quality from a freehand line. Surprised I got away with it for a digital arts magazine…

More early work here

Feb 2005

Advertsing on the internet

I began with the letters W,W,W – redefined their meaning and decided to get three female salespeople ‘pushing’ the Internets wares onto you. It seemed that advertising on the electronic super highway prey on the desire to want, wish for, or win something. The girls were dressed in air hostess-like clothing to emphasis this ‘information super highway’. If that wasn’t enough egg in the cake, I made it all full-colour stereoscopic too – red on the left.

Aug 2005

Create a scene where a female graduate is looking a little lost, assesing her 3 design-career fates.

I was looking forward to drawing some nice female forms, and couldn’t resist the ‘changing room’ vibe.

The room and reflections in the mirror were all drawn in biro.

Apr 2005

Freelance designer ‘over’ multi-tasking, manically achieving things on a solo basis.

I decided to create a scene (not that dissimilar to my workspace) that a designer lived and worked in. The view shows four characters working on various things. One is using the phone, glaring at a screen, painting ona flat surface, cutting some artwork.

If you notice there is something ‘odd’ about each character…