Jul 272009

To honour the release of the DVD of the Watchmen (fantastic adaption), there’ll be a large installed piece of work down on the Southbank venue, central London, in the skatepark.

I was asked to make a 3D illusion of the chosen venue, and after much deliberation and conceptual work, some of which you can see below, the result will be visible on the 28th July. I’m going to make a little bit of it work wih 3D glasses, but overall the piece will turn the wall into a scene from the movie.

From some of the movie scenes, I rebuilt the room and some of the furniture. Making it all over again helps me to understand the scene completely, the lighting, the materials, the perspectives. Only recently the digital tools at my disposal are managing to assist in the development of the freestyle murals. I make them in this way, and journey around them for a while, as a sculptor might do to his sculptures.

Toying about with the lighting can produce some attractive (yet unrealistic) renders. I want to grasp the moonlight in the scene, especially as a portion of it reveals a broken window and the city scene beyond.

At every stage I would recreate the installation within the actual setting, photographed in 360 at a primary site visit some months previous. This communicates the idea better to anybody concerned, and it gives my freehand styles a run for their money…

I’ll put up the final work when its been produced, but if you can make it down there, you can catch it in person (bring your 3D specs if you got any). Press times are 2pm until 5pm.