Jun 142010
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Here’s the final shot of the piece in Sodtherich (sic). I’m told by the good people at Mutate Britain that it is alive and well and kissing the clouds from the rooftops. Notice the cans on the floor, working on the floor was my favourite moment, together with the mathematical ‘overlay’ effect, not sure what to call these yet. Their proper name is anamorphic projections, but much like my improvised largescale anaglyphic stereoscopy, it has to find a less hyphenated description. 3D as a name seems so varied, almost covers most of my perspective trickeries.

I’ll keep you posted.

This final photograph above is a composite of 9 full format frames, expertly photographed by the wonderful Mauritz.

360 degree panorama

You can also view my 360 photograph, posted on 360cities, also discoverable in Google Earth, together with my ‘Born in Walsall’ mural (you have to see it, either in your browser, or as a placemark in Google Earth itself, if you have it installed)

Cordy House vs. Cutty Sark vs Chu