Jul 262010

Had a few hours in central London to decorate the inside of the Courvoisier Future Gallery. Through Monorex (the same people behind Secret Wars), 7 artists from the agency totally went for it on the walls. I went for another freestyle.  and decided from the start I was going to work on the floor to assist and elongate my section, without painting the width of the wall.

The colourscheme was borrowed from the one used at Glastonbury this year, wooden brown with a spot colour. Paint used was totally MTN 94, my choice lately as it works great from stock caps and the spectrum available suits my work. The city in the scene is being invaded by a victorian god of bass, playing on two gramophones and connected through a ships speed throttle. The fixed lighting in the room inspired a part of the effects used to limit the shading in the painting. Where the uplighters were on the floor, they ‘burnt out’ some of my lineworks, and the central light above made the top burn out too. The piece looked like it fell beneath your feet, yet almost turning upside down underneath where you stood.

It was a perfect oppurtunity to create another 360 degree panorama. Everybodys’ artworks made the room tower above you, larger than life works in a very white space gave the experience a bewildering effect on your vision. Or maybe it was the punch…

Monobrow Exhibition (with guests) in London

Limited edition 2 colour screenprints were also commissioned, and oddly the colours matched the LUT Overground branding (blue/orange) and the latest work for Monorex was a collabration in Shoreditch, where I painted a (censored) ‘Sodtherich’. 20 were printed and at the time of going to press there’s only 7 full sets left, consisting of 7 desigs from the artists involved: