May 272008

Contributed to the week long exhibition to ‘street art’ at this gigantic monument of a gallery and exhibition space (this was the first time I had even been in there).

I created some fly marker-pen freestyles in the café area on level 2. The work went really well, as the pens were kept soggy and the wall-height glassware we were decorating had a black background, perfect for white pen work.

I also met James of the Graffiti Research Laboratory, NYC. outside the space during a break. He amazed me by showing me the laser tool (which costs 500 US dollars) and a few stencils he had fashioned for the purpose of projecting over long distances and hence, very big. The stencil was simply held in place by hand, but when I saw it – ‘UR MUM’ appeared on the brick wall.

Later I had a go on possibly the largest drawing I have ever accomplished. Using their laser pen, and their software the work was projected on the huge wall at the end opf the turbine hall. The shouts from the floor beneath from the visitors to the show were measure enough of the scale at which our work was being shown. There was also a nice little feature of the drawn line via effects made in the software, you can alter the drip from the lines you create, and the colour, width and even end shapes (arrows).

Your Mum Rang 70ft high