Sep 242010

From seeing the previous car I painted in Amsterdam, the Zen cafe asked me to decorate one of their fleet. One of the main jobs for the vehicle was to carry equipment to venues etc.. That was all the info I needed.

We hijacked an outdoor gig that was happening in some crazy disused harbour called Noorderlicht, with loads of empty factories and ironworks and a massive MTV headquarters. You can see a gigantic crane for miles, so we drove the car near to it , parked it up and painted it there, some friends were playing a gig near, at a restaurant/bar.

During our stay we met an artist called Frenchy, he paints live at the gigs and events, football games. Found out that he wears a headlamp like I used for the Hole in The Wall piece. While I was doing the car, he was next to the band at the restaurant, painting away – and he painted the car in the background, so I ended up in his piece.

I really enoy painting a car, painting in general. Lately I’ve been making websites for people. As soon as any of them are live I’ll let you know (there is Kabul- a city at work, subscribe only LAUNCHED June 2011). There’s been a lot of reasons why I haven’t updated here much, mainly the work I’ve been doing has been computer intensive. This makes the keyboard my enemy. Making something huge for the Ninjatune 20th anniversary next week, mainly in acrylic with an aerosol lick.

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