Jul 212016
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Man Cave by Cheo and Chu - ASK crew, Bedminster, Bristol

Popped out for a quick squirt in Bristol on one of the first sunny days this year, with one of me old muckers and one of the finest artists to grace this earth, Cheo.

The day we painted was also Chris Brown’s birthday, Adele’s and Craig David’s too. Not absolutely sure that this didn’t inspire the character in the piece…

Fired the background with a tin of BurnerChrome gold because it was the biggest amount of anything I had in my dreg bag. I carved into that with transparent black to sculpt the surrounding frame made of cables. The cave is entombed within the equipment itself, like a bubble or capsule of audio and playthings on a desk crammed with devices and machines. And the obligatory toothbrush.


Chu + Cheo = ChuCheo

I hunt or trap in Spanish.