Aug 242009
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This wall is probably more famous for Eine’s ‘Vandalism’, then it was reworked by the various tenants of the trains on the top of the wall, including some of the talents from Secret Wars and Meeting of Styles. This was the first time I’d worked on it, and i was only painting a small section.

I got rid of the scaff tower, in favour of a lovely four-section ladder with wide feet.

For some reason, since I was told abou the purple/green colourscheme (and being reminded that it was only purple outdoor) I had re-imagined the skateboard that I penned for Carhartt back in 2000 (?). It featured an aerosol can, strapped to an operating table, being fed the energies of brushes in the background, and it was stereoscopic (red/blue 3D) aswell as being the first time I had used pens on a finished piece.

Point is, it was the ‘Fran-can-stein’ thing that grabbed my attention, something to do with purple/monsters?

I was asked quite a few times what was going on in the piece…

The can (which has two arms and legs) is strapped and belted to a table, one foot is bent up and the foot is resting on a control knob for a cassette player, the other leg is bent under the table. The left arm (as we see it) is about to light an electric candle on the cake, which in turn is being powered by Red Bull and a stack of pens (Edding included). The other arm is reaching for a switch beyond the turntable/paint roller ceiling-mount. My name is disguised as tubing and windows, top right.

360 degree panorama