Aug 252009

The first graffiti show to hit the white isle went down a storm. The venue was simply breath-taking, set in the hills, a world class spa, probably the best venue I’ve attended in a long while so I’ll let the photographs do the talking.

First time that both myself and Inkie had visited Ibiza, and the feeling was mutual! After the success of this year, there is only greater hopes for next year. We even attracted the attention of graffiti superstar Shoe from Amsterdam, who painted on the launch night too. The piece that we produced is now available from the Urban in Ibiza website.

The live piece was completely freestyled. My section obviously inspired by my visit to the island, i decided to turn the little square buildings dotting the landscape (known as Finkas) into pieces of sonic apparatus, threading the island together. I even made room for a little chimney & canopy action.

I met an american man during the launch night, who had bought a few pieces including one of my ‘Smoking Fine’ roadsigns. He remarked as he stood next to me, words to the effect of, “I was working on a film in a real prison, and I had asked the warden for one of the props on the wall, which was a roadsign featuring a stick figure, sitting down, and the phrase -‘When shots fired, remain seated’. I saw your piece and just had to have it sitting next to my other sign”. This man was Stephen Dorff, hollywood actor! I’m looking forward to seeing a photograph of it in place, in his apartment.

Below are a few of the 360 degree photographs I made while I was there. I hope you enjoy them, I’m still perfecting my spacial awareness technique.

For further information about Urban In Ibiza, please visit their website: