Nov 272009

Back in January I was asked to contribute to a new book entitled ‘MURAL ART book Vol.2’. I couldn’t remember seeing book one, although the book has since arrived and its looking dope.

Inside the section titled ‘Solo murals & mural production’ I have the ‘Hole in the Wall’ painting from Walsall, my hometown, read more about my mural here. You can just about make out a human figure in the image, thats my good friend Rich, on his lunch break standing at the very bottom.


There are an equal proportion of non-aerosol work vs. aerosol/graffiti, although there is some kind of continuity in the work. Granted, there appears a few ‘usual suspects’ but on the whole, a very mixed bunch, and some very nice, unpublished work from relatively unknown artists (ahem).

To order the book online, try Stylefile. Reviews of the book here & here.