Pikea Rug

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Feb 062014

Transform your room and let everyone know how you feel about mediocre, mass-marketed interior goods. One of my most popular sticker designs is now available to buy as a floor rug.

Launched at Moniker art fair last year, this rug is made in conjunction with the good folk at Foundation Rugs and this beautiful item is tufted by hand in India.

  • Hand tufted 100% Pure Wool pile
  • Approx. ¾” pile
  • 100% Pure Cotton Backing
  • 200cm x 56cm

The techniques for making these rugs are surprising, and appropriately modern: “The weaver uses the gun to fire the wool through the canvas and fills in the colours very much like spray painting but with wool.” (via)

Production time is 6 weeks – from order to delivery to your door, if you’re interested in getting hold of your own – drop me a line.