Jan 302009

After producing ‘Writing Hands’ I ventured deeper into the world of distorting the viewpoints, a thought process in two dimensional works that Escher is possibly most famous for. His lithograph entitled ‘Relativity’ was the next piece that I chose to remix.

In these days of economic crisis I also updated the piece to depict a modern market area, a supermarket or shopping mall, filled with glass panels (shamelessly achieved by the use of a paper edge). Instead of the three views culminating in exit points to organic backgrounds or nature, I chose to make the whole space an interior, with backgrounds of a shop, car park and a public sliding-door entrance.

The figures are also modernised; cash machine, struggling pensioners, drunks, maintenance orderly and shoppers. The perspectives got a little more funked-up, and the piece also has 15% value added (the original lithograph is square) accommodating the landscape proportion of the canvas.

The construction is visible in a short stop-frame video i produced to animate the process.

[media id=20]

The piece is currently on display at the Pure Evil Gallery on Leonard Street, east London, in time for the Ikonoklast ‘movements’ group show… (google map)