Jan 182001

Watch the video and a brief explanation after the jump.I was asked to attend Lock Keepers Cottages (which ironically is less than one click from the studio) to promote the swiss ambassadors Graffiti Party. I painted there by invite of a friend called Banksy in a very cold London, late 2000. Our task was to fill the basement car park of the Swiss Embassy chock full of pieces, all that we could muster in 2 evenings, through-the-night concrete surfing. Happy to oblige.

The taxi came for me at 4.30. Big personnel carrier. Driver told me about a resident of the flats he lived him, who enjoyed firing a bolt-action rifle at the waiting lollipop man’s sign. He later went mad. Not the driver, the lollipop man. I was wearing a suit that a friend had bought from a charity shop near Tottenham Court Road, which I had pinstriped in white primer aerosol paint. At that time I was developing the stereoscopic technique, and bespoke pinstriping, embarrasingly illustrated on this excerpt from the broadcast: